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Reverend Hosoyama has been a member of Rissho Kosei-kai for 30 years. He studied in seminary and had lead churches in Japan and Hawaii.

General Affairs Leader

Mrs. Masuno

Mrs. Masuno is the General Affairs leader and 1st Chapter leader. She formerly served as the Young Women's Group Leader and Valley leader.

General Education Leader


Mrs. Fukushima is the 2nd Chapter Leader and was the former Chief of the Accounting Department and leader of the South Bay Group.

English Service Leader


Tim leads the English Sunday Service. He is a 4th generation member of Rissho Kosei kai and spent two years in seminary in Japan.

Youth Leader


Masao leads the youth group and is a 2nd generation member of Rissho Kosei kai. He spent two years in seminary in Japan.

Board & Manager


Ken has been a member of RKLA since 1975. He helped to acquire RKLA's present site and has worked steadfastly on the Board and with the English mission. He studied seminary in Japan and served as Reverend in San Francisco.

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